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General Music
Instructor: Hamilton, Timothy Daniel   
Welcome to Music! We learn music through movement, singing, chant, and playing instruments. Our goals are to become better musicians through participation. Music is absolutley complimentary to the students' academic subjects. Music is continually proven through research to help students learn in school.

You may contact me at the school or by email:

Music @ Redcliffe

Students grades 3-5 will use recorders throughout the year (grade 3 begins in the spring). You may purchase a quality recorder from the school. Please complete a recorder order form which can be obtained from Mr. Hamilton.


Students are expected to participate in music. Participation is important component of your child's success in general music. If a student does not participate in music they may receive a grade of NMS on their report card (Not Meeting Standards). Please ensure that your student understands that they must participate to learn!

As a rule, students perform alone only through a volunteer basis. Music class is not designed to be intimidating to students, however, students are expected to perform when the entire group performs.


Our School District has received Quaver's Marvelous World of Music! You can access materials and activities through this website:
It's fun and full of music activities!
Discussion Topics
Take a look...Try singing or playing this to figure out the Mystery Melody!
Copy of student part to recorder part for symphony. This is a student copy! The "D" on the 4th line should be a "B". Also, don't forget to write in whole note letters. This is for reference only!
March Mystery Melody
No "Homework" exist(s)
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